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How we help you increase revenue

Create Marketing Campaigns

We help you create content to post onto platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Producthunt, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

We can also help you plan how to get traction on these platforms.

Build Prototypes

We can help you develop a prototype at a low cost, rapidly.

We have experience in 3D printing, robotics, and software development. 

Build Email Lists

We can help you with a campaign to gather email contacts.

You can also tap on our database of more than 600 million email contacts.

Expand Into New Markets

We can help you brainstorm new ways that your technology can be applied.

We can then do up a rapid MVP to validate this.

Conduct Market Studies

We will study the strategies used by your competitors, what your customers are saying, and work with you to build good ideal customer profiles.

Plan MVPs

We will work with you to understand what your eventual vision is, and help you structure a logical flow of what your Minimum Viable Product should look like at every stage.

Crowdsource Funds

We can help you set up pre-product revenue from crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo,  and GoFundMe.

Improve Your Technology

With our tech expertise, we can examine and enhance your existing technology.

We can help you with cross platform compatibility, run time optimisation, and programming other algorithms.

Create Mock Ups

We have over 40 years of combined experience doing 3D mock-ups for proofs-of-concept.

We can help you visualise what your final product will look like, including in the form of a static picture or an animated video. 

Provide Contacts

Using our existing network, we can tell you who to reach out to, and provide you their contact details.

Find Partners

We can help you think of new strategic partners, investors, or accelerators to help you get revenue or funding.

Plan Pilots

We can help you plan good pilots, and executing them with minimal resources.

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